What is Colors Of Hope? 
How Colors Of Hope came to be
     A while back there was a time that art had value in schools. It had it's importance and it was even concidered important in the school system. Over time, that value and importance were taken away and thus, lost its place in education. However, many people do not realize that art is still important in the children's education development. Fine arts not only develop great amount of motor skills but also provide students with self-esteem, cultural exposure, aesthetic awareness,  motivation, creativity, improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity.
     Since art promotes such things listed above, it is only natural that students connect better with one another, changes environment to one of stimulation and discovery (rather than just fed facts), and it provides students with challenges for every age. This also helps to develop more problem - solving skills. Finally, art serves as an environment in which students can release there stress in a healthy way and calm the individual down. Many doctors, with or without realizing it, use art as a form of therapy. As you can see, art is very essential to a child's development, not just academically, but also in real life. 
     Colors Of Hope is an art program which is bringing back the missing piece which schools need. It is a program which allows chilren from ages three and up to develop the skills that are listed above. By teaching art one -on-one basis, the child will recieve instruction as well as freedom to bee themselves in any form of art of their choosing. Colors Of Hope teaches all kinds of art to the students and allows them to freely express themselves in whichever way they desire. 
     Finally, Colors Of Hope takes to account that no two children are the same. Hence, every child will learn according to their own style of learning as well as level of knowledge. For the beginner artists, they will learn new things while finding their own style and their own artistic strength. The more advance group students will have even more challenge as well as enhancement of their own style of art. This program believes in combining professionalism while providing students with knowledge and fun. This is what Colors Of Hope is all about. 


Affordable prices you say? 

Yes! Colors Of Hope understands how expensive art classes can be. Hence, there are affordable prices in store for you. The price rates are as follows: 
 Who: Children and teens rates (Ages 4 -13):$20 Per class session
Adults (Ages 14+) rates: $40 Per class session 
Where: The location is at the comfort of your home.
Time: 1.5 hours. Hours vary, contact us for a scheduled appointment. 

* Note: Materials are NOT included with the price.

Group programs: rates same as above. groups bigger than eight will recieve a higher discount. PARTY PACKAGES also available!!!

​          Home school private art classes:  Is your child homeschooled? if they enjoy art, Colors Of Hope offers art classes for them.
             Hours: 1.5 hours. Times vary.
             Ages: 4 through 17 years old 
             Cost: $20 per child. Colors Of Hope gives %15 discount for siblings                                 who also want to take the class. 


The artist teaches at the comfort of your home for no extra charge. If interested please click here.