1. Lots of fun
    Colors Of Hope combines professionalism with entertainment in a way no other art program does. Students learn and have a great experience while also having fun.
  2. Flexibility
    Colors Of Hope is an art program in which works with your schedule and comfort of your own home, while maintaining an efficient and professional environment.
  3. Affordable prices
    Colors Of Hope ensures affordable prices. Prices may vary depending on number of people as well as age group and number of sessions. For more information
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About the artist
 Your child's private teacher, Carolina, Loved art ever since she was a child. She loved to draw and paint everything that her imagination led her to. Throughout all her school years, she would take art classes which enriched her with knowledge about art. By the time she graduated Florida International University with a bachelors degree, she had studied many types of art and fell in love with the subject. She also has always had a passion for children an soon she realized that it would be lovely to teach her God given talent to other children who also have this talent in a way that no school can teach it, which is one-on-one experience. This idea later came in form of a business. Carolina has a broad spectrum of knowledge in art. She is proficient in fine arts such acrylic, mixed media, pastel and more. However, her artistic strengths involve ceramics and oil on canvas. When it comes to painting in oil on canvas, she enjoys painting still life as well as landscapes of all types. As for ceramics, she loves the uncommon, symbolic and unrealistic, all in one sculpture. She also enjoys making vessels of all types as she feels like she connects in a way with her believes by making the vessel. Finally, she believes that most, if not all, her art is inspired by God and she is lead to do many of her drawings in such a way that almost all her art has a strong spiritual meaning. The colors, compositions and themes all have a reason and meaning as a symbolic piece. She will continue to do more of this art as the years go by. After all, art will never cease from her life, just like art should not cease from the world. Finally, she enjoys other artists such as Rene Magritte, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and many others who capture the same symbolic, uncommon style that Carolina does and enjoys. She does not see art as a hobby but rather a way of communication as an expression and she does not plan to stop at any time.